Cellar Watch launches new comparison charts

Liv-ex is pleased to announce the launch of new comparison charts on cellar-watch.com. These charts are fed by Liv-ex’s fine wine database – the authority on pricing in the industry.

The charts have a host of new and enhanced features. One of the key elements is the comparison function, enabling users to track and compare the performance of a variety of fine wine and alternative indices. These include:

  • Market prices for individual wines and vintages
  • The four main Liv-ex fine wine indices, including the industry benchmark the Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 Index
  • A plethora of alternative indices, including the FTSE 100, the S&P 500, the Hang Seng, and Gold
  • Individual cellars

In the chart below, an example cellar has been compared with the Gold, Hang Seng and S&P 500 indices over a five year period, with all rebased at 100 in May 2008. A table summarises their six month, one year, two year and five year performances.


There are more comparison functions on the Individual Wine Pages, as shown below. Timescale selectors enable users to track performance over customised timeframes, with percentage change showing growth (in blue) or loss (in green) over that period. The level of data is more comprehensive than ever before, and users can select which data points to view at once.


The List function on the Individual Wine Page allows further data analysis.  Taking list prices from the world’s leading merchants, Liv-ex plots the spread of these prices, showing the highest, lowest and average price, as well as the amount of stock available. Prices are volume weighted for accuracy, and cross hairs enable easy location of data points.


Charts can be accessed either via the Individual Wine Page or by selecting ‘Charting’ under the ‘Cellar Tools’ tab. We hope that you enjoy exploring the new and improved features and would love to hear any feedback or comments. Please get in touch at info@cellar-watch.com.

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Cellar Watch update: Market Watch

Cellar Watch’s upgraded Market Watch tool was launched at the beginning of January. Available to Pro subscribers, it enables users to view prices for the last 50 bids, offers and transactions that have taken place on Liv-ex – in real time. This gives wine collectors unique access to the prices that merchants are buying or selling at on the exchange.

The dropdown boxes enable users to filter their results. They can choose to view activity for wines in the four main Liv-ex indices, or for wines in their own cellar. There is also the option to view activity by region and vintage.


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2012 Cellar Watch competition

We’re offering the chance for one registered user of Cellar Watch to win a magnum of the critically acclaimed Montrose 2003 (worth over £250, delivered).

To win, simply predict (to two decimal places) the level that the Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 Index will be on December 31st 2012. The nearest correct guess will win, and in the event of a draw the winner will be the respondent that entered first – get your answers in quickly.

Enter here.

As a reminder, the level of the Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 Index was 260.08 at the end of September.

The competition closes on 31st October and the winner will be announced in early January.

Good luck!

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Cellar Watch: new and improved

Today we deployed the latest release of Cellar Watch, with a number of major upgrades to improve usability and content.

We have updated cellar functionality to further help you to fully keep track of the value and details of your collection. Changes include:

  • An updated cellar view, including new Total value and Total cost columns, enabling you to compare the difference between the price that you paid for a wine and its current value.
  • A drop down arrow that takes you to the wine’s purchase, performance, price and tasting data (clicking on the wine name will now redirect to the individual wine page)
  • Updated Drink and Sell sections
  • Information pages in French and Chinese (language preference can be accessed from the top right hand corner of the screen).

We have also been making a number of improvements to the site’s engine and will have more upgrades for you in the coming months, including to the Market Watch tool and individual wine pages.

As always we appreciate your feedback and comments and take them on board when considering future improvements: please email info@cellar-watch.com.


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Cellar Watch Packages

When Cellar Watch was launched as a new standalone website (www.cellar-watch.com) back in May 2012, we also updated our account packages.

Previously, there were three packages available: Silver, Gold and Platinum. In the new system there are two: Premium and Pro.

Premium accounts allow users to have unlimited price searches and wine page views, lets them view historical and auction prices, and have one cellar with the ability to add unlimited lines. Pro additionally allows users to see Liv-ex bids, offers and transaction prices, and have unlimited cellars.

Former Silver users were automatically assigned to Premium, and Platinum users to Pro. Former Gold users were temporarily upgraded to Pro because there is not a package that directly replaces Gold.

Once the current subscription expires, any former Gold users can choose whether to have a Premium or Pro account. If you have multiple cellars but choose to downgrade to Premium, you will be able to keep your cellars and still remove or transfer wines from them, but you can only add new wines to one cellar. Renewing your Pro subscription will keep everything the same.

Find out more on the pricing and benefits associated with each package.

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This week on the Liv-ex blog

This week on the Liv-ex blog:

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Buying and investing in fine wine

The Financial Times has today published a special report on buying and investing in fine wine. Subscribers to the FT can read the articles online at http://www.ft.com/wine-investment-2012.

Read the report for news on the turbulent last year for Bordeaux and its impact on the Liv-ex Fine Wine 100, tracking the price of wine on the Liv-ex indices, how Hong Kong is driving the auction market, the way that Robert Parker’s influence as a critic is changing, and advice on affordable and drinkable Bordeaux vintages from Jancis Robinson.

Members of Cellar Watch can read more on the Bordeaux market in ‘Bordeaux 2011 – keeping it simple’ on page 4 of the June Market Report, found on www.cellar-watch.com under Cellar Tools > Market Reports.

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